Our Story


My story and the story behind Scootsie Apparel isn’t just about me and how it all started.  It’s just as much about you, my fellow athletes because it has to do with things that we have in common and can relate to.  It’s also about things that we can take pride in because there’s a special meaning that Scootsie Apparel represents.

This special meaning is something that you and I as athletes, and others who are involved in sports, have actually created because we’ve lived it.  It’s about the love and the passion that each of us has for a particular sport and therefore, what we are willing to do and the great lengths that we go to in our sport.  It is personal and to wear a Scootsie tee reflects that.

My sports are ice hockey and soccer.  I was introduced to both by my dad.  He was so excited to sign me up for soccer when I was just a little girl at the age of 5.  My dad said I scored 3 goals in the very first game I ever played and we won 3-0.  To this day, I don’t remember scoring those goals.  But, what I do remember about that summer day was the thrill and fun that I had chasing that soccer ball around.  That’s also when my love and passion for playing sports first took roots as I’m sure it was the same for many of those other girls on that memorable day.

As I grew older, I came to understand that if I wanted to improve, I would have to work hard at it.  But, it would be a labor of love.  As it turned out, the hard work paid off because I was able to play on travel teams and in tournaments throughout the U.S. and Canada and eventually go on to play at the college level.  At tournaments, I would beg my parents to buy me a sport top.  After all, to me, it was like my own personal trophy.  But every shirt at these events always came with the tournament name, sponsors or other affiliation names printed on them.  I came to realize that, what was so important to me was not the tournaments or events themselves, but instead, the particular sport that I played, the love and passion that I had for my sport and the pride that I had in being a part of it all.  There were many times that I would think to myself, “wouldn’t it be great if I could buy a top of some sort, that featured the sport that I loved, in a simple and fashionable way, but without sponsors or affiliation name".  Thus, the Scootsie brand was born!  

All of us in sports have experienced and endured the hard work, numerous practices, the commitment and the many sacrifices that we make and that go along with playing sports, in our efforts to better ourselves and for our love of the game.  It’s also the courage, the faith and the heart that we develop and then learn to draw strength from.  And lastly, the outcome of our efforts as athletes, so often, is an attitude, a belief or a spirit that motivates and inspires us, especially during tough times.  These are the things that we learn to value, that mean so much to us and that most certainly, we can take pride in as they become part of our make-up as individuals.  As fellow athletes, these are also the things that we identify with, understand and appreciate, not just about ourselves, but also about each other because we have all done these things in sports.

So, choose your sport and wear it with pride!